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Sentinels Alert

Author Van Allen Plexico has been writing (and publishing) his ongoing Sentinels saga since 2006. That’s when the world was formally introduced to genius inventor, Esro Brachis, America’s most beloved hero, Ultraa, Lyn “Pulsar” Li, and Vanadium, the armored alien … Continue reading

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The NeverEnding Story

Distraxion is a character that has popped up at various times in the first three Sentinels novels. She’s a sexy hypnotist who uses her powers of distraction to influence her adversaries. Her uniform of choice is a “tiny, bright red … Continue reading

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Monkeys vs. Robots

In the first novel of this series, the Sentinels saved Earth from a “trans-dimensional lunatic” called the Warlord.  Now, in the second book, Earth is once again in danger. Only this time, there’s more than one lunatic to defeat. But … Continue reading

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Sentinels Assemble!

The Warlord is a megalomaniacal villain who has plans to crunch the multiverse into “a single, contiguous realm.” He’s an ambitious guy who wants to be master of all reality. But he can’t do it all by himself. He needs … Continue reading

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